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What it’s all about

Do you care about democracy? Do you want to find ways to make sure that everyone lives in a healthy environment and in a world that is fair for people now and in the future? Are you concerned that our current democracies are unable to tackle the challenges of sustainable development. Then this website is for you.


Read the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability. Take a look at what people around the world are doing. And if you’d like to get involved, sign up to join us and share your thoughts about what is already happening or could happen.


Together, if we take immediate action, we can re-shape democracy so that it becomes a powerful force for sustainability. This website is about sharing ideas and actions so that we get there.

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Introducing the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability

Watch our fun video, read the Manifesto, look around the site, and sign up to get involved!

Featured member: Jane Davidson from INSPIRE

Founder member Jane Davidson, Director of the Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness  at the University of Wales, talks about why we need the Manifesto.

Ripples from the launch process

Call for social media Advocates to spread the word

Do you care about democracy, fairness and the environment? Frustrated that connections between these important issues are rarely considered? Faced with challenges such as climate change and growing inequalities, we urgently need to re-imagine and strengthen our democratic ideas and practices so that we can build a more sustainable future. And it is only in a sustainable world that democracy in turn can truly flourish.  This demands creative thinking and action…. Do you want to be part of this process of change?

This Manifesto is about sharing ideas and actions so that we get there. We’re looking for social media Advocates to spread the word and support our online activities. If you are interested and would like to help manage our Facebook and Twitter accounts, or if you would like to help develop the website, please contact us at:     manifesto at fdsd dot org

We are looking for a commitment of about two to three hours per week for an initial six-month period. Our key criteria are simple: you are excited about supporting the goals of the Manifesto and passionate about networking with others in the democracy and sustainability space. We can pay a contribution to living expenses to the tune of a London living wage.

Watch our video

Take a look at our four-minute video, where people from around the world make the case for change so that democracy works better for sustainability.

Read what others are saying

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Blogging! Publishing! Events!

If you’d like to write about the Democracy and Sustainability Platform or the  Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability, or if you’d like to organise an event in an organisation or community you’re involved with, just let us know.